Artrep, Inc. offers gicleé prints on various media including exotic substrates.




Prints on plexiglass a great way to showcase artwork.  Most of our distributed images are available as gicleé prints on plexi.  Prints on plexi can be mounted using stand-off hardware.  In some cases, they can be mounted from behind the image on a hidden frame that is attached to the glass - this gives the effect of floating.



Gicleé prints are available mounted to a box-frame.  This is a similar look to canvas however the surfaces are solid, the artwork is protected with a gloss coating and the edges are a polished finish solid color.  This s a nice clean look, an edgy and and fresh way to showcase artwork.  Boxmounted prints do not require a frame.



Gicleé prints on canvas offer both a classic and fresh alternative to presenting art.  Canvas can be hung either framed or unframed with painted edges or gallery wrapped with a mirrored border showing on the edges.  Prints on canvas can also be hand embellished to recreate the texture and appeal of original art.  Canvas prints are typically chosen as an alternative to fine art when a high-end look is required on a budget. 




Gicleé prints on metal are a unique alternative for certain images where a very modern feel is desired.  The process allows the metal to show through the artwork.


Photo Paper

Photo paper is a great way to showcase gicleé reproductions of photography.  It is also the main type of media used in gicleé reproduction today, as it quickly replaces the offset lithography poster print.

Fine Art Paper

Gicleé prints on fine art paper give art reproductions a softer look with a fine art touch.  This media is great for showcasing reproductions of original art especially watercolor.

Original Paintings

Visit our galleries to see a variety of original paintings on paper, canvas and other media.